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Vintage to Modern

 We no longer service Serger, or Embroidery machines. Sorry for the inconvenience.

** By Appointment Only **


Thank you for visiting! I'm located in Montrose, Colorado, but have customers that come from far distances with their household sewing machines. I believe a sewing machine can last for many years with a regular professional maintenance service. I am a professionally trained sewing machine technician with the passion for bringing your sewing machine back to its youthful state.

With each service, I will clean all the nooks and crannies, oil & grease all necessary moving parts and make needed adjustments for a smooth sewing experience. It is amazing how much dust, lint, broken thread and sometimes needles find their way deep within a sewing machine. After internal detailed cleaning, lubrication and adjustments; a sew test of various stitches will be done. Once the machine passes the optimal sewing speed, smoothness of sound and sewing ability; a cleaning of exterior will be done. This also includes cleaning of foot controller, power cord, and sewing machine case or cabinet, if applicable. Our shop is a nicotine-free zone.

Repairs are generally needed due to heavy usage, damage or age - I always search for the best price - passing the savings to my customers. 

            Please note: Computerized sewing machines are currently limited to Cleaning, Oiling & Mechanical adjustments. 

​970 417 0120

Marc Chilianis

Owner & Technician

** By Appointment Only **

MON-SAT 10-3

Located Inside

Ladybugz Quilt & Yarn

330 S 8th Street

Montrose CO 81401

The Sewing Machine Guy

Passionate about how things work and repairing them.



noun: deerdiber;

plural noun: deerdibers

translation: screwdriver 

Origin: one of my first words


a tool with a flattened, cross-shaped, or star-shaped tip that fits into the head of a screw to turn it.

I've been repairing things before I can remember.

It's probably from watching my dad. I inherited his keen ability to repair anything and hyperactive nature. Shop courses and mechanical drafting were my favorite classes in school. The Automotive trade became my profession on May 8, 1978 - U-haul repair shop in San Francisco, CA. 

In 2014, we moved to Montrose, CO to be closer to my wife's family. After 40 years in the automotive field, it was time to find a 'retirement' career. My wife and I enjoy collecting vintage sewing machines. So, when the local sewing machine store closed its doors, an opportunity was presented. My interest in sewing machines skyrocketed after I received my professional training.

I believe in honest, reliable service and attention to detail.

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