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Use the proper needle type & size for each project.

Use appropriate size thread in needle & bobbin.

Dust inside bobbin case area often!

Change needle often for a better sew.

Use high-quality thread - Aurfil, Mettler, Gutermann or Superior Threads.

Oil your machine with Clear, Stainless sewing machine oil.



It is amazing how much lint, debris and sometimes foreign objects can accumulate deep inside a sewing machine. This added material displaces lubrication and increases friction resulting in mechanical strain. 


A yearly Full Service is recommended to keep your sewing machine in a youthful state.

*Please note: Computerized sewing machines are currently limited to Cleaning, Oiling & Mechanical adjustments.  

Detailed Cleaning


Adjust Tensions

Adjust Timing

Check Belts

Check Needle Threader & Thread Cutters

Check Bobbin Winders

Check Gears and Motor

Check Electrical Cords & Foot Pedal

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